Front Controller Ports:

When I first started my NES PC project, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the front controller ports. I could have made them the primary KB & Mouse ports, or USB / Firewire ports that used original looking adapters, but finally after much consideration, I decided to make them working controller ports!

My first attempt at making the Parallel Port adapters had some troubles powering the original NES controllers enough to use more than one button at a time. Also, this was more of a test effort to see if I could actually get the NES controllers to work.

After I had some sucsessfull attempts with my test adapter, I decided to just solder the controller wires directly to the motherboards Parallel Port. Why would I do this you ask? Well, from the other mods I have seen people have made adapters (much like my test adapter) and have just plugged them into the parallel port, and then looped them back into the case. I think "mods" such as those are just ugly, and for my personal NES, unacceptable.

As you can see I also used the extra power plug as the +5V line to power the NES controllers, this worked extremely well for my NES! To the right is the wiring diagram I used to connect my NES controllers to the systems Parallel Port.

Here is a picture of a friend playing Tetris with one of the original NES controllers!

For the software side of things I used the FakeNES emulator, and the PSXPad controller drivers to get windows to see the NES controllers connected through the parallel port.

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