System Cooling:

I originally wanted to not have an extra case fan cut into the back, and for a short while, I actually ran the NES that way. Average idle CPU diode temp was around 65C. Under load it climbs to 68C or so, which is actually right at the limits of the thermal specs for the .13 micron Celeron processors.

However, once I added the GeForce 2 MX video card, temps rose significantly, and I was pretty much forced to add a rear case fan. This has helped alot! Average CPU Diode temps went down 5 degrees, and motherboard temps are down 10-15 degrees!!! Needless to say, I was really impressed with how much difference the fan made!

Another thing I wanted, or should say "didn't want", was Noise. The PSU fan was actually pretty quiet! I was actually surprised the first time I powered it on. However, the 1U CPU fan I purchased is was fairly loud. I ended up purchasing an alternate fan for it, but that didn't help enough. I ended up adding a small 22ohm 1watt resistor to the CPU fan to help quiet things down a bit! And it did!

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